Keep your audience tuned-in with R&B Groups in-house video production services

Our video production team is committed to creating video content that engages, channels your key messages and keeps your audience tuned-in. Our in-house Ultra 4K HD cameras, audio and lighting equipment together with our high-end edit suites can produce films that engage, inspire and motivate viewers to take action.

Video Production

R&B Group offer a full UK wide video production service from our media department in Newcastle upon Tyne. From brief to screen including storyboarding, filming, editing, motion graphics, animation, colour grading, special effects, voice-over and music. We ensure that the best crew and kit are tailored to your specific project and budget.

Ranging from pre-event video stings and presentations, through to on-site interviews or highlight reels – online, live, or both, we can add value to your event. Our video production team is also able to capture your event from live camera to screen feed. With single and multi-camera options, as well as vision mixer setups with PowerPoint or Keynote graphics. R&B’s video production team and our creatives expertise will bring your vision to life.

Meet our Head of Creative and Video

Glyn Towers

Head of Creative & Video Production
0773 419 2904

Glyn is head of creative and video and has been with us since 2002. He has shot and edited thousands of videos over his career and has many loyal clients.

He has worked on projects ranging from television adverts to health and safety videos.

Glyn has a small holding with many chickens and he also buys at auctions to add to his various collections.

R&B’s video production team also work on standalone video projects. That all important promo, interview or creative piece begins with dreaming up ideas and then storyboarding. We work as one video production team to ensure the shoot and post production meet your critical timelines. Our creatives can produce stunning photo-realistic 3D animation. From a portable single camera to a multi-camera shoot. From green screen, super slow-motion, timelapse, flying drones, gimbal stabilisers, jibs and motion control, we utilise the latest video production technology and techniques to enhance your shoot and tell your story in the best possible way.

At post-production stage, our video production team will add voice-overs if required. They will also ensure the footage and music compliment each other. We put together a rough cut and then invite you to come in and work on the final edit, ensuring it’s exactly what you want. When your mini blockbuster is signed and sealed, we’ll deliver the finished project in your preferred format.

Our video production team love live streaming events and event broadcasting to five or five thousand delegates, using a secure webcast platform, will give your event greater reach and impact. We’ll deliver your event in full HD quality in streams suitable for your bandwidth and devices in open access or secure URL. Your attendees will experience the thrill of your event thanks to the multi-camera setups and live vision mixing.

Our top tips when considering video production.


  1. Good light: use window light or soft light close to subject; studio lighting is a must have in some indoor environments. Good lighting is important to achieve the best colour correcting and grading post video production
  2. Good music and sound effects: choose the right track for the footage, matching the visuals to the audio can enhance the impact ten-fold
  3. Shoot for the edit: Know what additional shots you might need for your edit to help transition from one view to another
  4. Use more motion: the video will look more professional. Even at an event more cinematic shots will draw the viewer into the experience and emotion of those great presenters and activities on stage. Invite the outside viewer into the event rather than leaving him outside, make it look fun for the viewer
  5. Good locations and time of day are critical: use interesting uncluttered backgrounds and consider filming in the early morning or late evening.