Thinking outside the Box

R&B is in the business of helping its clients produce events to remember. With help from its team of experienced project managers, R&B have produced thousands of conferences, award ceremonies, product launches, and staff update meetings across the UK and overseas. Its aim is to “take away your stress so you can focus on your conference delegates, sponsors, and presenters by providing the full 360° service.

John Robinson, one of R&B Group’s project managers, who grew into the role after initially working as one of R&B’s creatives, wanted to do something a little different for the group’s client Insider Newsco, for whom R&B help produce over 40 events each year around the UK.

The initial concept discussed with the client revolved around creating a central stage for this award ceremony as increasing seating capacity was the prime objective for the event. When the client booked Colin Murray, a well-known Irish radio and television presenter as compere, R&B firmly believed he had the experience to work the room and engage the audience in a 360 degree setting, which is a little more difficult than presenting to one side, and so the organisation’s AV team set to work.Similar events were previously played to one side of the room; however, the chosen venue didn’t lend itself to this format and the centre stage concept allowed the client to maximise the space, increase the audience involvement and the resulting revenue income from sponsors and guests.

The challenge was in the mounting of the screens: R&B was facing a tight window for the install whilst meeting strict health and safety guidelines and the budget for the event. Time for install for events is often forgotten so the organisation worked with the client to ensure it had prompt access into the venue.

R&B’s set design and construction technicians built a screen box (now known as the video cube!), light enough to be suspended from the ceiling from a central rigging point with a maximum weight threshold.

To add the required stability and eliminate any movement, the video cube was discreetly secured using four separate rigging points. This cube’s surface allowed perfect projection from the four HD laser projectors mounted on the truss, together with the moving head lighting fixtures and sound system.

The event ran perfectly and achieved all the client’s objectives, so much so the same concept has been used again for the client’s subsequent events.

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