Want to reach a larger audience? Web Streaming and event broadcasting enables people to enjoy your event without attending in person

Event Broadcasting

Although R&B have been web streaming to online audiences for many years, it comes as no surprise that due to recent global events virtual and hybrid solutions are sometimes necessary. If you want to increase and engage with your online community, we can support you. Your audience may want to watch the event on-demand at a later date, so professional broadcast quality recording is essential before loading it onto the on-demand platform.

Web streaming of main presentations and debates with full professional broadcast to remote viewers. This can include full 4K/HD camera relay to screen as well as live streams which can be provided by R&B Group. In addition to web streaming, you may want to include audience engagement with Q&A using SLIDO for example or other Apps …. No problem.

Oh, and if you have hundreds of presentations and need a fully networked solution, we can help presenters with their slides.

Whether you need to reach five or five thousand delegates, web streaming from R&B using a secure webcast platform suitable for your bandwidth and devices in open access or secure URL, is made simple. Delegates across the globe will experience the buzz of your event thanks to web streaming, multi-camera setups and live vision mixing.

If you have a seminar, using web streaming is a great way to stream and record a live event or training session to offices and participants who couldn’t attend. The use of web streaming benefits you as it gives you the opportunity to broadcast across the globe. It can also be viewed from a browser, smart phone and on a 4/5g enabled device.

R&B Group can also enhance your viewers experience by displaying and recording multiple screens where a presentation may be featured. Lastly, web streaming will allow your participants to ask questions in real time, directly involving them in the presentations and allowing them to interact as if they were there.

Live polling during your event keeps your audience engaged. This can provide an immediate result driven test of your presenters’ content. Therefore, keeping the event on-point. Pulling up live results will also make your audiences response feel valued. A moderator can also assess the results before making the data go live ready for discussion or analysis.

Live Streaming has a number of applications that can benefit your company. If your event has a few small training sessions, or speeches and not everyone can attend, then live streaming is a great way to broadcast to those who are unable to attend. Live streaming can also be used as a modern and fun marketing tool to reach a wider audience and generate interest around a new product or your brand.

If you have a global company or audience then live streaming of your event can be recorded and viewed by your chosen audience at any time from the comfort of their office, home and hand-held devices.

Should you plan for Live Streaming?

Planning for a Live Streaming event can be important. How will the live streaming be promoted? Who will have access and what is your main aim in giving access?

Our friendly technicians can advise and help you plan your Live Stream and advise on the best possible audio and video equipment for the job.
Although it is important to fully implement a plan for live streaming, it is also important to be flexible with the live stream and take your audience where they wish to go as they provide live feedback.

You will want to decide what additional features your on-line community and in-person attendees really need to make your event a success. Polling, Q&A, chat and private rooms, exhibitor and sponsor booths, appointment setting with specialists and of course networking. Live streaming can be much more than a presenter and slide on a screen!