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Creative Design

Our creative teams understand live events and what makes a great presentation. They design engaging presentations that push the boundaries and keep your audience fully engaged. Storytelling requires inspiring graphics, 3D animation and video content and together with the visualisation of a colourful and multi-layered stage set can WOW your delegates and guests. And, let’s not forget your valuable sponsors whose brand needs to be brought to life

Glyn Towers/
Head of Video production /
0773 419 2904

Glyn is head of video production and has been with us since 2002. He has shot and edited thousands of videos over his career and continues to pull in repeat business from faithful clients.

He has worked on projects ranging from television adverts to health and safety videos.

Glyn is without a doubt the most accident prone person you will ever meet but when he’s not losing appendages or injuring himself, you can find him out and about with his family or buying at auctions to add to his vintage games console collection.

Kevin Geraghty-Shewan/
Presentation graphics /
0758 085 8167

Kevin is our very own graphics wizard, he designs and assembles the keynotes for our events and supports our video production department by attending shoots and operating camera on top of altering animation projects when needed.

Kevin is very much a man of the countryside and spends many hours out and about with his family and his dog in the wilderness even making trips down to Stonehenge for winter and summer solstice festivals.

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