Create an impact with professional HIGH QUALITY audio-visual EQUIPMENT HIRE

From a dry-hire of a small PA or projector and screen through to complex equipment requiring networking, or intelligent lighting, the same award-winning R&B customer service ensures you are completely satisfied. Based in Newcastle Upon Tyne and delivering throughout the North East we have an extensive range of audio-visual equipment and we will ensure you have not forgotten that elusive clicker!

Let us summarise the range of audio-visual equipment we hold. It is impossible to cover the full range of audio-visual equipment we stock, so please ask!

Audio Visual Equipment Hire


Bright washes, sharp profiles and intelligent fixtures, as audio-visual geeks we understand the importance of those ‘light em up’ moments. Looking to achieve full coverage of your stage? Our generic stage lighting options include gobos’, fresnels, profiles and pars.

LED lighting – powerful and bright, with minimal power consumption, our LED fixtures are classy and can be programmed for impact.

Moving lights – spots or beams, are awesome effects and provide those ‘Oscar moments’ for your event. And, don’t forget that haze machine!

R&B ‘s control and distribution audio—visual equipment means you’re in control with our portable lighting desks.


With leading brands such as L’acoustics, Behringer, D&B and Sennheiser you can be sure you’ll have crystal clear audio. We can propose an audio solution for your venue which will be music to your guests’ ears. Our audio-visual team have both digital and analogue sound desks delivering the best audio experience.

Our wide range of speakers and amplifiers include line arrays, point source and monitors which are flexible across a range of different events. Our audio-visual team want you to experience the best sound quality. Speakers come in two types, Active and Passive. Passive speakers require power from amplifiers to produce sound and Active speakers have amplifiers built into the speakers which are great for smaller rooms with limited space.

R&B’s wide range of wireless radio microphone equipment includes handhelds, lapel mics, jaw-line, multichannel bodypacks and point-to-point wireless audio-visual kit.

Projectors and screens

R&B carry a large stock of laser and 4K projectors and we use Panasonic projectors which have been used by reputable audio-visual production suppliers for many years.

Choosing the right projector is crucial to make your event a success, you might require a small projector for a team meeting or several powerful Hi-Definition Projectors for an international conference. Our audio-visual team will help you make the correct choice to ensure that you get the brightest image possible.

We carry many front & rear screens options and our audio-visual specialists are available to help. There are two types of projection that we use:

Rear Projection – the projector is situated behind the projection surface; this is a good choice when the projection screen is built into the stage set and prevents shadows cast by the presenter walking in front of the screen.

Front Projection – this type of projection is suited to events where the screen surface is flown in the air and when the room is slightly brighter.

LED displays and video walls

Let our audio-visual department create an event with the WOW factor. Whether you’re looking for crisp HD, 4K screens, or a large-scale LED video wall, we can customise your display to suit your needs. LED panel displays are an effective way to display imagery with vibrant colours, and the flexibility to build screens of different shapes and sizes.

Video content and control – whether you’re looking for video playback to multiple screens or want to film your event we have the video control equipment you need.

Presentation equipment – We can provide a variety of presentation audio-visual equipment including clickers, pointers and media players, and don’t forget that presenters love autocue!

Stage deck – R&B stage hire options can be used for both indoor and outdoor events and available in a variety of sizes creating a podium or main stage.

Meet the Chiefs in the Warehouse

Michael Slaymaker

Warehouse Supervisor

Michael, or “Slay” as he’s more affectionately known is the main engine (he’s also built like a fighting machine) behind our success in delivering the very best for our clients. His main job aspect is to ensure that all jobs whether big or small are out the door on time, to make sure all of the equipment is logged on the system and our vehicles are maintained and cleaned regularly.

Wayne Swaddle

Warehouse Technician

Since Wayne has joined us as in the warehouse, he is fast becoming a valued all-round technician not only working in the warehouse prepping kit for our events but assisting on AV installs and problem solving when technical issues arise.

Wayne is without a doubt the biggest wind-up merchant at R&B despite this you’d struggle to find someone who doesn’t get on with him. He loves gadgets and overcoming technical challenges when building computers and other systems