I had a debate with some folks this week about the new Emojis film. Stay with me! It wasn’t necessarily the Emojis film that we discussed, although that was the catalyst. It was the use of emojis in business, and taking that further to text speak in business emails… *shudders*. This led to a […]

Here comes summer… (we hope!)

You wouldn’t think so this week, but summer is just around the corner, the time of year when we start to hold events outside. Who knows when or where the Summer will appear? But be on guard, here’s a few tips for holding events outdoors. Make sure the event will work in an outdoors in […]

To be (there), or not to be (there)

More and more clients ask us about streaming their events, whether it’s a conference or live streaming of a high-profile awards ceremony, it appears that more people want to get their live event online. In fact, on the 27th February 2017 YouTube hit a milestone and declared that a billion hours of video is watched […]

The great outdoors

A marquee? In December? Really? Some of our crew needed to be convinced to come with me this week. For me, most of the week as been spent in a marquee in the Tees Valley and despite the temperatures reaching close to freezing at times, we’ve generally had a good time. Hot tea and our […]

25 and we celebrate!

So it finally arrived!  We celebrated the 25th Anniversary of R&B Group. Well, it actually came along pretty fast from my perspective, but here we all are celebrating and we managed to get the cake and decorate it ourselves, and cut into it on Monday 7th November!  We had a good old laugh at the things […]

Current screen
Current doing really well!

So today is the 14th September and all is well with Current.  So far everything seems to be working extremely well and the team are starting to use it for real.  It has been a complete treat getting it going so fast and everyone seems to be amazed by what it can do. We are pushing the […]

He's the B in R&B!
MEET TEAM R&B – Barry Fox

  The ‘B’ in R&B, Barry has lived and breathed the company since it was merely a twinkle in his eye. The rudder of the Operations side of R&B, Barry is our go-to guy for staff and logistical planning. Whether it’s taking key decisions with his co-director on the next direction of the company or delivering […]

Event management image
Not Too Late To Change Careers

Although the fact that pension ages have been pushed back even further in the last decade can feel like a pretty negative career development, on the plus side it means it’s never been easier or more acceptable to switch careers – for a range of reasons but particularly later on in life. Moreover, with approximately […]

Shopping Shed
Shopping Shed

  We wanted to share the following images with you!  Yes, its a Shopping Shed, or more formally a point-of-sale display system.  The main news is that we constructed this for a long-standing client who has recently taken a new position at The Core, Newcastle Science City.   The brief was to allow for a range […]