Bryan Skipsy
MEET TEAM R&B – Bryan Skipsey

  Featuring in this week’s Meet Team R&B is Bryan Skipsey. Bryan joined R&B Group many moons ago as a technician and has maneuvered his way around the company before sitting with our senior management team as Operations Manager as he does now. Recently Bryan has been instrumental in rolling out our new equipment management system ‘Current’ and is always striving to […]

Gavin Frost
MEET TEAM R&B – Gavin Frost

  Next in line for our Meet Team R&B feature is Yorkshire Branch Manager, Gavin Frost. Gavin joined R&B Group as a technician at our head office, before grafting his way though manager of our Harrogate based Yorkshire operation. His training as a stage manager in theatre meant he felt right at home at R&B Group […]

MEET TEAM R&B – Jordan Crerar

  The youngest of the R&B Group team, Jordan actually has a world of events experience, let’s just say it runs in the family. Jordan works in our graphics department and is usually glued to her MacBook in a world of Keynote and Photoshop. Always chipper and first class at engineering graphics on events too, Jordan […]

He's the B in R&B!
MEET TEAM R&B – Barry Fox

  The ‘B’ in R&B, Barry has lived and breathed the company since it was merely a twinkle in his eye. The rudder of the Operations side of R&B, Barry is our go-to guy for staff and logistical planning. Whether it’s taking key decisions with his co-director on the next direction of the company or delivering […]

The name's Floyd! Kevin Floyd.
MEET TEAM R&B – Kevin Floyd

  Kevin has been with R&B Group for four years and is our charming and debonair Head of Client Services. If you’re a regular client of R&B Group there’s a good chance you’ll have met Kevin, or perhaps you’re connected with him on Linked In (one of his obsessions). ‘Floydie’ as we call him at R&B […]