Coming to a town near you…

Blimey have we done some travelling this month! R&B Group have been all over the UK in November. So, on a (long) train journey home I decided to see if I could remember all the town and cities we’ve been in this year do deliver events. It wasn’t a easy task, but here goes… Aberdeen, […]

What’s in a name?

The BBC made its own headlines this week after it published the salaries of many of its top earning talent. With the likes of Chris Evans and Gary Lineker at the top of the list. Scandalous said some, others shrugged their shoulders. But the BBC defended itself to the hilt, stating that ‘key talent’ is […]

Every Picture Tells a Story

We’re getting all pictorial in this weeks blog. Very recently R&B Group provided event production and support for the NHS Confederation Conference at Liverpool’s ACC. A very high profile event at which the Secretary of State for Health addressed delegates, the auditorium was created by using a part of the actual arena, a great challenge […]

Keep Calm and Carry On!

So, events profs, it appears that EVENT CO-ORDINATOR is the fifth most stressful job you can have! This is according to US job site CareerCast. The only jobs ranked as more stressful were Military personnel, firefighter, airline pilot and police officers – Blimey! CareerCast gave a stress score to each job and a score of […]

Hat Trick!

Happy New Year! How was your festive holiday? It doesn’t seem it, but we’ve only been back at our desks here at R&B towers for just over a week and we’re still in celebratory mood! Why? Because we’ve had a cracker of a start to the new year! We’ve managed to score a hat trick […]

Season's Greetings
It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

We’re decided to get all festive in this week’s R&B Group blog and at the same time pose a question to all you hard working event professionals… When does Christmas begin for you? The events industry is a seasonal business. There’s not a lot in the way of conferences and awards ceremonies, more parties and […]

Current screen
Current doing really well!

So today is the 14th September and all is well with Current.  So far everything seems to be working extremely well and the team are starting to use it for real.  It has been a complete treat getting it going so fast and everyone seems to be amazed by what it can do. We are pushing the […]

iPhone 7 – why the iPhone 6S could have been my final Apple purchase?

So Apple have finally reveled the new iPhone 7. As an loyal Apple fan, I watched as Tim Cook and his friends wax lyrical about the new features and updates on their live broadcast. The A10 processor, the all new camera, brighter screen and better battery (oh my we’d all love a better battery). But […]