The fifty-two-per-cent-ers… what does their decision mean for our events?

SO IT’S DONE! Whatever your view on the matter, Theresa May, our new Prime Minister has repeatedly said Brexit means Brexit! The appointment of brexiteer David Davis as Secretary of State for Exiting the EU would somewhat back that up, but what does it mean for our events industry as a whole? Immediately, there is […]

BBC Extra Gear
Extra! Extra! Let’s step up a (Top) Gear!

  Like many people, I sat down to watch the new series of Top Gear this week. I’m no petrol-head, the list of cars that I’ve owned wouldn’t impress anyone, let alone Chris Evens or Matt Le Blanc, but I like the show. I had mixed thoughts on the show. Some bits I liked, some […]

Watch – Out!

I get asked about the pitfalls of event management and event production by many people – more often than you’d think. Not for juicy gossip, more because they are simply very keen to avoid them, the pitfalls that is. Folks don’t always see things from the perspective of an AV company and the practicalities that […]

Night Fever!

Shine a light! These dark winter evenings are miserable aren’t they? Well, they don’t have to be! In fact you could use them to your advantage. Dark winter evenings are perfect to add a little addition to your event. When adoring an event with all the trimmings of set dressing, table centres, chair covers, the list […]

Northern Brain Wave Charity Event
Another New Year!

Well here we are again, well into 2016. And what a start it has already been, with projects coming out of our ears!  In fact, here are some images from an event we organised at Hoults Yard last year – it was s fundraiser for the Northern Brainwave appeal which raised an amazing £3,800 in total, after […]

Pitfall: (noun) a hidden or unsuspected danger or difficulty

For event managers there’s a lot to check off on your to-do lists. Venue, catering, sponsors, presenters, tickets, call R&B Group… the list seems endless. But it’s with the latter that you need to ensure you are in the hands of experts. A good AV supplier takes away your stress and an award winning AV supplier […]

Keep It Simple Stupid

K.I.S.S. – an old colleague of mind used to write this all the time. It took me while to realise what it meant. Turns out it was Keep It Simple, Stupid! I’m not sure if the fact it took me a while to decipher it was a reflection on me, or an oxymoron of his […]