R&B Group create temporary museum for Queen’s Diamond Jubilee visit to Sunderland

“I’d just like to thank the team for the patience, responsiveness, team work and good humour that they all demonstrated to ensure a quality product for the Queen’s visit.”  – Nicola Vincent, Sunderland City Council

Her Majesty The Queen arrives at Diamond Jubilee Exhibition in Sunderland


What did R&B Group bring to the project?

  • Using one company to create the whole project meant less time outsourcing different elements and gave one point of contact for the client throughout
  • Initial project ideas were enhanced with expert creative input from the R&B Group team

What challenge did we face?

The Diamond Jubilee Exhibition project came to us with a very short lead time and involved all departments within the business. Working alongside a marquee company reliant on their timely completion, can sometimes lead to squeezed timescales. However, when presented with this scenario, the team really pulled together to ensure the project completed within the timeframes allocated. With 7 marquees to transform the site was a hive of activity, with teams involved in set construction by day and scenic artists often working late into the night.



The full range of in-house services were drawn upon; from the creative ideas, design & build and print items to the technical equipment & set up. A massive staff contribution saw the whole team come together in order to transform the empty shells of the marquees into a temporary museum space.

End results: 

The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh were the first to view the installations, which included an indoor replica of Roker Beach and a re-creation of a 1950’s Coronation Street Party. Created over a four day period, the exhibition took a look back in time; showing the City of Sunderland through every decade since the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1952.


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