3D Projection Mapping creates the wow factor at business awards event

Event Organiser, Lesley Hampson of ncj media “You’ve done a fantastic job of taking our initial woolly ideas and putting together a completely fresh new look which looked great. You’re a pleasure to work with. The projection mapping was simply outstanding and blew our socks off. I must have seen the opening projection mapping sequence 5 or 6 times by the end of the night and each time I had goosebumps! All the guys at R&B play a very important role and work so hard in pulling everything together!”



We recently proved that projection mapping technology is both available and affordable to the corporate market and that, this relatively new technology which animates stationary objects with 3D video, has the potential to revolutionise events, product launches and marketing.

Most commonly used by big brand companies with huge budgets to launch products and make statements; the corporate market can also afford to take advantage of this visual technology to convey messages.

We were approached by their long standing client ncj media with a brief to provide a ‘new and fresh look to their annual event’. The high profile awards ceremony was to supersede any other that they had staged for them. It needed to wow the audience, incorporate the event branding and still fall in line with their usual budget.


Our creative solution was to offer indoor projection mapping technology which would allow a virtual set to be brought to life via the use of projection, set and lighting simultaneously. With added sound effects and music, the result would be a spectacular and immersive experience sure to impress.

Animators at R&B Group used the events website branding to produce their designs. From planning, the creative team used their visualisation software to produce designs to pass to their workshop for the creation of a 3D model. This model was then used as a template for projection testing. Graphic content was created in Cinema 4D, story boards written and media created. To ensure that the brand remained strong, it was carried through in the set design with the construction of a 3D triangle.

After the event, Sue Coulson, Head of Regional Events for ncjMedia & GMC spoke to us about the experience.

Project Manager, Paul Borthwick commented, “Our client was really excited about the use of the new technology and the impact it would have on their event. It can be hard to visualise what the end product will look like, so we were thrilled that there was such a level of trust on their part. Projection mapping allows your project or message to literally reach out to your audience and this was evident in the positive feedback the client received from their audience and sponsors.”

You can read more about the technical details of projection mapping here or here.

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