Coming to a town near you…

Blimey have we done some travelling this month! R&B Group have been all over the UK in November. So, on a (long) train journey home I decided to see if I could remember all the town and cities we’ve been in this year do deliver events. It wasn’t a easy task, but here goes… Aberdeen, […]

TV Times (are going)

Not so long ago you and your family may have gathered around the TV to watch together, shows were scheduled and had to be watched at the time of broadcast unless you remembered to set the VHS recorder! In our house it was 3-2-1, The Muppet Show and re-runs of Morecambe and Wise. Video has […]

Come and have a look at what you could have… hired

  There’s giddiness, excitement and much cutting of cardboard and flinging of packaging in the R&B Group warehouse! No the guys aren’t making a den, we’re too busy for that lark again. It’s because as always, here at R&B Group we’ve been investing in new equipment and it’s all arrived! (well most of it anyway). […]

Suits you!

They say dress do the job you want, which is all well and good until you’re arrested for impersonating a policeman. Ok, cheap joke There is a reason for it’s inclusion in this week’s ramblings though, I bring this up because it’s September and awards season is back! Of course I go to many an […]

A typical WYSIWYG drawing

One of the most helpful bits of software we have here at R&B Group is something called WYSIWYG. Those who know their acronyms will know that stands for What You See Is What You Get and it sums up the software very well. Occasionally plans we receive from venues are not that accurate or surprisingly, […]


  I had a debate with some folks this week about the new Emojis film. Stay with me! It wasn’t necessarily the Emojis film that we discussed, although that was the catalyst. It was the use of emojis in business, and taking that further to text speak in business emails… *shudders*. This led to a […]

Time for some TLC

It’s that time of year again – the summer holiday! So as the conference and corporate event world breathes a sigh of relief, it’s time to wind down and get ready to go again in the Autumn! Well not at R&B Group it isn’t! August is just as busy as other months but it’s a […]

What’s in a name?

The BBC made its own headlines this week after it published the salaries of many of its top earning talent. With the likes of Chris Evans and Gary Lineker at the top of the list. Scandalous said some, others shrugged their shoulders. But the BBC defended itself to the hilt, stating that ‘key talent’ is […]