About us

Every member of the R&B Group team has an important part to play in the company’s versatile mix of event production services. We have experts in graphic design, lighting, sound, vision operation, filming and editing, set building and equipment repairs – all elements that will make your event memorable. Behind the scenes, we also have people who see the efficient running of our operation from finance and marketing through to health and safety issues, as well as information gathering for the project managers.

Because they enjoy what they do, you’re the first to benefit!


R&B Group’s approach to event production is simple. It starts with the brief. Once we know you and fully understand your business, we can better discover what you are trying to achieve and hear your views on how you want to be presented – and only then will we start planning to ensure event success right from the get-go. Relevant members of the team will be brought in; ideas will be conceived; practical solutions discussed and equipment sorted out. At each of these stages, your input is vital. The more we build up a close working relationship with you, the more successful your event production will be – which is why your project manager will available to you around the clock.

Whether it’s a dynamic product launch, intimate staff presentation, high profile ceremony, international sales conference or persuasive corporate video, it’s all about creating the right impression. Though the event may be the physical manifestation, it is the bringing of the client’s vision to life that makes the lasting difference. People have to leave an event feeling good about the host company, believe a new product has something for them, enjoy a learning or bonding process, or just have a memorable time. R&B Group will help you to achieve your objectives every time – which is why we’re one of the leading event production companies in the UK.

Grafta Award – September

Andrew French

Another top month contributed by Andrew who has become a real talent at R&B Group.  He is so keen to get involved and showed us lots of huge enthusiasm on operating sound and lights at many recent events.  Well done Andrew and thanks!