TV Times (are going)

Tea Urn?

Tea Urn?

Not so long ago you and your family may have gathered around the TV to watch together, shows were scheduled and had to be watched at the time of broadcast unless you remembered to set the VHS recorder! In our house it was 3-2-1, The Muppet Show and re-runs of Morecambe and Wise.

Video has now been unshackled from the living room, as increasingly consumers are watching video on a variety of different portable devices like smart phones, iPads and tablets.

A recent study from showed that the average time consumers spend on their mobile devices has increased by nearly a minute per day over the past four years! Wow! While the amount of time they spend watching the traditional gogglebox has dropped significantly in the same time period. In a few years, mobile devices will overtake TVs as the primary way consumers watch their favourite shows.

Improvements in the speed of mobile internet (can it ever be fast enough?), increasing powerful phones, along with mobile friendly websites allow many more people to access your video content.


By creating quality video at events and then optimising this video so it can be viewed on mobile phones can allow event organisers to reach out to viewers in train stations, coffee shops and boardrooms alike, ensuring that your valuable content can be viewed by many, many, many more people.