One of the most helpful bits of software we have here at R&B Group is something called WYSIWYG. Those who know their acronyms will know that stands for What You See Is What You Get and it sums up the software very well.

Occasionally plans we receive from venues are not that accurate or surprisingly, they look like the space but are not to scale. So we much prefer to double check these measurements on site ourselves and then pop them into WYSIWYG.

Within WYSIWYG we plan all our events technically. We draw the venue from scratch and place most of our essential items of equipment for the event on there one by one, virtually of course.

We draw the stage set, the stage, the stands and trusses, lighting and speaker stands. Crucially we also draw the tables and chairs, which ends the long debates event organisers often have regarding capacity of a venue – whether that be too few or too many.

A typical WYSIWYG drawing

A typical WYSIWYG drawing

What’s also really handy is that the programme also gives us good visuals of how the space will look and its our experience that lots of event organisers find that essential to visualise how as space will look.

The best part of all of this is that WYSIWYG and the really helpful things it produces comes free of charge and all part of the package to our clients as soon as the event is confirmed with us. Taking away the unnecessary stress and pondering of what should go where in your events space, while knowing it works technically.

All part the R&B Group service. You’re very welcome!