I had a debate with some folks this week about the new Emojis film. Stay with me!

It wasn’t necessarily the Emojis film that we discussed, although that was the catalyst. It was the use of emojis in business, and taking that further to text speak in business emails… *shudders*. This led to a discussion on the ability to write a comprehensive sentence with punctuation, which opened up a huge can of worms.EM

We’ve been trialling new communication and collaboration software called ‘Slack’ at R&B Group (which won’t be new to some people). It appears within Slack that emojis are part and parcel of modern business comms. Who knew? Not me!

That wasn’t the only bugbear I raised; receiving an email written in text speak makes my toes curl.

I once received an email from a client (who won’t mind me sharing) that remains a topic of conversation between us to this day. There was no body to the email, not a word. Only a subject line that read: “plz snd pics”.

Where was the ‘good morning’? The ‘how are you’? I burst out laughing and duly ‘snt requested pics’ with a long email response asking how they were, etc. Face_With_Rolling_Eyes_Emoji_large

How about a sentence with literally no punctuation or capitalisation? I’ve struggled for three or four minutes reading some of those. It takes every bone in my body not to correct it and send it back; pedantry you may say but come on – if BBC News presented articles like that on their website, there would be a national outcry! There’s a great app to help called ‘Grammarly’ I’m told, perhaps I should just send a link in reply (here it is if you need it https://www.grammarly.com/i).

A favourite maxim I once heard went along the lines of… ‘Grammar is the difference between knowing your sh*t, and knowing you’re sh*t’.

I could not agree more.