Every Picture Tells a Story

We’re getting all pictorial in this weeks blog.

Very recently R&B Group provided event production and support for the NHS Confederation Conference at Liverpool’s ACC. A very high profile event at which the Secretary of State for Health addressed delegates, the auditorium was created by using a part of the actual arena, a great challenge and I’m please so say that the event was a great success and R&B Group at it’s very best!

So we thought we’d share a few pictures of the build for this, so you can see a little of how R&B work…



With the 45ft truck unloaded, the crew are in full swing – trusses are ready for us, lighting fixtures are starting to be hung and PA hangs also begin to be built



Our custom 12m screen (the size of an articulated lorry) is now hung. The lighting and PA hangs are well up in the air and are beginning to be tweaked. Back stage areas are being built as the stage set also begins to take shape



With everything flown. The stage is now really beginning to take shape – a creative and contemporary design based around the event logo. The back stage areas are screened off.


Our graphics and projections guys are rigged and we have pictures on the screen – using two projectors side-by-side the image is blended in the centre.

IMG_2582The stage is complete – we’re getting there!



Now the 3 broadcast HD cameras are in and we have pictures for not only the audience, but a global audience via our live stream! The BBC also used our camera work and live pictures too! Gobos of the conference logo are projected on the floor.



The rest of the carpet goes down on the floor – almost there!



We’re set! The delegates arrive.


And finally… the Minister speaks…

Note the live subtitles for those with hearing impairments, which also were broadcast on our live stream.

All in a (couple of) days work for our legendary crew. Lets do it all again next year!