Don’t leave it to chance!

We were called in recently to help a client who had booked a space in a conference centre – you know the type, everything you need in one space, ‘free AV’. What could possibly go wrong? Well…

If there’s one thing we hear from our clients time and time again in feedback, it’s how much they love the ‘hands on’ and ‘can-do’ approach our technical staff have at their events. If we can sort it out, we will. Our guys actually pride themselves on it!

At some ‘all inclusive’ conference centres it can be a lottery as to the equipment and service you may experience. One place a client called us in for recently – a proper conference centre with many rooms and spaces – had ONE, yes just ONE technician for the whole site. ONE! Even he complained about the place!

HELPOf course it seams cheap when you book the place but when you get there the projectors need servicing, they’re dull and flickery, the PCs are old and slow, the PA system squeeks and no one can hear you. I’ve seen it in many times in the past, believe me it happens often. So it’s not surprising we received a call for help – but don’t let things get to that, get us in first to help.

Of course I’m not saying all places are like that – some are great! But it’s a huge risk to leave your AV and tech support to chance. You work hard to produce an event, you have enough to do, who do you want to turn up on site and have that kind of experience – the kind of experience that will leave your delegates not so happy.

Our project managers listen to your exact needs, whether its a conference, awards ceremony or staff away day. They’ll make sure you have the equipment you need, at the best price – our expertise comes free of charge – there’ll be enough technicians, they’ll be there on time and they make sure it all goes swimmingly.

Don’t leave your AV to chance – give us a call now and we’ll be with you from then until the we pack up our kit!