We’re only humans, after all…

As Rag ‘n’ Bone Man has been telling us for a while now… we’re only humans, after all (or something like that). And as such one of out most basic needs is to congregate and engage with each other. That and WiFi – we all need WiFi! Our gatherings of course happens in many ways but the events industry is a perfect example of this most basic of requirements.

But we don’t just gather in person either. 1.28 billion people log into Facebook every day to gather virtually, but no matter how many, no matter where, no matter the subject, getting together face-to-face is still the preferred option. It’s the basic human need of us all to interact. It’s not just a desire, it’s a need.

Its not just words, not just voice, not just a hand shake or a pat on the back, there are many facets as to why we prefer to get together in person, why we hold these conferences and awards ceremonies.


We all have a desire to succeed. We gather together to survive and to prosper. A need to belong to a group and with this comes the desire to be needed by the other members of the group. We gain security from knowing that we are useful and needed by others, that they value our contribution.

We have a need to make our voice heard. There’s plenty of that online and in bar rooms all over the UK in these election times. Coming together doesn’t mean we agree, in fact coming together to disagree is just as important as coming together to celebrate.

We recognise that coming together as a large group, small group within groups, work groups or membership groups and discussing, chit-chatting and making new contacts as a group, when that group thrives, its members – we – also thrive.

If you’re a business leader stop and think. When did you last get your group together and interact face-to-face? Do you neglect one of our basic human needs? When you’re ready to get together, give us a call to help – we love a good gathering too!