Here comes summer… (we hope!)

You wouldn’t think so this week, but summer is just around the corner, the time of year when we start to hold events outside. Who knows when or where the Summer will appear? But be on guard, here’s a few tips for holding events outdoors.

Make sure the event will work in an outdoors in the first place! Seems simple but if it’s an event that usually held indoors then there could be some serous implications in holding this outdoors – will your audience be prepared for it is the first question.


Ensure you have the proper permissions and amenities to hold the event outdoors. Power is kind of important! Is there enough, do you need generators. You can’t just plug in 13amp plugs, so make sure you have the right cabling, connections and make sure it’s safely installed.

Are you permitted to play high volume sound in that area – are there time limits to this. Don’t get your event shut down.

Oh, and toilets! Are there plenty?

The great British weather! Have a backup wet weather plan! Wholly essential! Monitor weather reports as event approaches.

BE PREPARED! Determine well in advance your “rainy day” plans. Can you move your event inside? Are there marquees? Will these take the amount of people you have there?

Will you postpone or cancel your event for bad weather? Know your cost liabilities, insurance options and make sure everyone can be informed quickly.

Boundaries and security – make sure that anyone unauthorised can’t walk in, because if you leave these channels open and unpoliced there’s a good chance you’ll get someone crashing the party!

Oh, finally, don’t forget your sunscreen – fingers crossed.