To be (there), or not to be (there)

More and more clients ask us about streaming their events, whether it’s a conference or live streaming of a high-profile awards ceremony, it appears that more people want to get their live event online.

In fact, on the 27th February 2017 YouTube hit a milestone and declared that a billion hours of video is watched every day by users around the globe. I guess this shows that online video is and has become the place for people to catch up on the news, watch music and also check out the latest trends. And quick turnaround video production is where videos are helping to target audiences still captivated by the event buzz.YouTube-logo-full_color

But hang on! Events are about being there, aren’t they? Being face to face with your colleagues, contemporaries and competitors. You can’t feel the buzz of a live event by watching a stream online. I don’t care if it’s in 4K or Ultra HD.

I actually think that really is the case, but there is a flip side, web streaming is a great tool to maximise your audience and your brand. If the web infrastructure is there and you already have live cameras on your event, it won’t cost a fortune either. And guess what R&B Group can help you with that!

But let’s not go too far, I just don’t want the YouTube generation to stay at home in bed and watch a conference on a laptop! Get immersed in the event! It’s the best way to network and soak it all up. After all us AV events profs can’t stay in our pyjamas and slippers all day to get the event to you!