Don’t blame it on the Moonlight…


It’s every event manager’s worst nightmare!

And the winner is… that’s wrong! Oh God!oscars

The Oscars this week has showed just how ‘easy’ it is to mess something up an awards ceremony. And let’s face it, the Oscars isn’t any old awards ceremony to mess up. It’s the pinnacle! The biggest, most glamorous, glitzy affair there is. No disrespect to any others, of course, but these guys have more red carpet than Buckingham Palace!

Is there a trend starting with this.

Other huge awards ceremony fails include Steve Harvey’s (whoever he is) wrong announcement of Miss Universe in the US, which lead to the de-crowning of Colombia in favour of the Philippines.

There was best song at last year’s MOBO Awards.

I’d rather not talk about Scooch’s selection at ‘A Song for Europe’.

To give credit to the many event organisers we work with at R&B Group, I see some fastidious checking, double checking and checking again of awards, names, trophies, envelopes and slides. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from 15 years in events, it’s that all event organisers are complete control freaks (in a nice way of course)!

One other thing I’ve noticed is the moment you let just an ounce of complacency creep in to the way you work, that’s the moment the fails occur. And after every ‘fail’ you hear the words that will haunt you; “did you check it?”.

The old maxims spring to mind – ‘Fail to prepare – prepare to fail’ – ‘Perfect planning prevents poor performance’ – they go on and you know them all, but if there’s one thing the Oscars ‘fiasco’ has reminded us, it that they always ring true in the end.