Eliminate those PowerPoint Fails!

Over the course of a year at R&B Group we see literally thousands of PowerPoint presentations. Most people are familiar with this Microsoft programme, but there are some dos and don’ts to avoid death by PowerPoint or those embarrassing PowerPoint fail moments!

powerpointThis week we thought we’d share a few tip and hacks to help you get more out of the programme and improve your presentation and presenting. So here goes…

  • Always start with a simple, clean template it will help ensure there is a uniformity to your presentation
  • Go widescreen! Why are people still creating presentations in the squarer 4:3 format? Would you buy a square TV? No! So stop it! Select 16:9. Design, slide size, widescreen…
  • Pictures speak louder than words – add some! It just helps to bring your presentation to life!
  • Too many words on the slide will switch off your audience.
  • Avoid reading the slide, summarise what you want to say and highlight the keywords that are important.
  • Avoid small text – if no one can read it, there’s no point in it being on there.
  • Turn off pointless animations – they take time, make the file larger and can look cheesy!
  • A simple fade transition between slides will look more professional than a cut.
  • There are many buttons that will forward to the next slide – space bar, return, forward arrow, down arrow, N (next)
  • Backspace, up arrow, back arrow and P (previous) will take you backwards
  • Pressing B will blackout your slide – press B again to take remove the blank screen. W will do the same but white
  • Hit F5 to put your start your slide show from the first slide. So quick – Boom!
  • Hit shift and F5 to start your slide show from the slide you’re currently on.
  • You can trim your video within PowerPoint. Select your video clip, click playback, click trim. Easy!
  • You can play a video direct from YouTube and other streaming services such as Vimeo. Click insert, video, online video, find your clip on the web or paste the code from the streaming site. BUT BE WARNED! Relying on external videos in an important presentation can end in disaster if your connection is poor, slow or the site crashes!
  • Using an unusual font? Or want to make sure your fonts don’t mess up from computer to computer? Embed them! File, Options, Save, check the box that says ‘Embed fonts in the file’

Don’t forget at R&B Group our graphics team would be delighted to assist you with presentation creation. And not just PowerPoint, they’re all fully versed in Apple Keynote too!