The great outdoors

Local Heroes Awards 2016

Local Heroes Awards 2016

A marquee? In December? Really? Some of our crew needed to be convinced to come with me this week. For me, most of the week as been spent in a marquee in the Tees Valley and despite the temperatures reaching close to freezing at times, we’ve generally had a good time.

Hot tea and our warm R&B branded jackets has kept us warm. We’re on our feet all day too, which helps, but I tend to find what keeps our technicians happy in these spaces is, well, these spaces.

The good thing about marquees are the challenge it brings us. There’s usually a few hurdles to jump and problems to solve, as we usually have to take all our own infrastructure in to the space. This isn’t so much a pain for us, it’s a blank canvas for us to mould the space into what we want it to be.

We take in our own sound kit, lighting, projection, stage, power distribution and rigging (that’s the interesting bit in these spaces). This means that when we begin the design, we begin it from literally, the ground up.

On this occasion it gave us the opportunity to have part of the event ‘in the round’, right in the centre of all the tables and guests. This was perfect for the opening performance – a young acrobat group who quite literally through people about above people’s heads!

The pre-planning is interesting too. On this event I had to negotiate with the Chef to be able to take some power from the kitchen as the supply in the marquee itself was insufficient for our tech heavy event, obviously this takes good liaison and planning from the venue too.

The choice of venue for your event doesn’t have to be a default hotel space, we love to get away from the ‘normal’ choice of spaces – temporary – industrial – outdoor – unusual – perhaps you should think beyond the usual box (room).