25 and we celebrate!

25 years annivaresary

So it finally arrived!  We celebrated the 25th Anniversary of R&B Group.

Well, it actually came along pretty fast from my perspective, but here we all are celebrating and we managed to get the cake and decorate it ourselves, and cut into it on Monday 7th November!  We had a good old laugh at the things we’d done before and we are pretty sure that we all enjoyed the celebrations!

Barry did a quick speech to celebrate the day and we bought Richard Narcross a 25th anniversary present as he has been around since the beginning!  We had loads of laughs at what we’d been involved in over the past 25 years and voted that we’d continue for at least another 25 years yet!

Clearly there will be different Directors in the future but R&B Group is set to very much stay in place delivering what we currently do!  It’s a great place to work, lots of exciting projects to get involved in, and tons of events to be able to select from.  It’s a great place to learn the ropes of AV support and also to deliver many great years of service – so say many staff who have been here for 10 years or more!

We have amazing individuals, all of who add real value to what we produce and who love what they generally do.  A real creditworthy bunch who add a sparkle to our current productions!