Joking aside…

Award ceremonies have their moments. Elation, disappointment, screaming, laughing, tension.

Sometimes R&B are asked to stand on stage and present an award at various shows, as one of the sponsors. As project manager of the event it’s usually down to me to do the honours. It’s had its moments, but most recently I was really put on the spot.

It's the way I tell 'em! (badly)

It’s the way I tell ’em! (badly)

Normally it’s just a case of reading the name “And the winner is…”, Such an Oscar moment! Not this time.

There are some really engaging and funny hosts out there; I really enjoy working with sports broadcaster Colin Murray, a genuinely nice guy in my opinion, who adds such energy to an awards event. Gyles Brandreth always gets belly laughs from his audience. Jason Mohamad is always a hit with the ladies and great with us crew. I’ve been ridiculed by all of them on stage.

On Thursday though, I was caught out by one Mark Durden-Smith. ‘Who?’ I hear you say. Well he’s a nice guy actually and easy to work with. He complains of an abandoned childhood by a mother who was always jet setting around the world. His mother is Judith Charmers. Good gag.

Anyway, I digress.

He wanted some info on me to add to his script, to mock me and get a laugh – the crew were only too glad to point him towards twitter, where I state that I “love a rubbish joke”.

So there I am on stage, Mark mentions this and other things from my twitter account – that will teach me!

“So Gavin is a lover of rubbish jokes it says… come on then Gavin, tell us one of your jokes”

So, on the spot, I opt for my favourite ‘rubbish’ joke of all time. I usually gets a groan a worst, so what’s to lose?

I have 968 pairs of eyes looking at me.

“I went to a restaurant last night”, I start.

“I said to the waiter ‘Can I have some water, please?’”

“He said “still water?”

“I said “I haven’t changed my mind”

No, they didn’t laugh either!