Every Vote Counts!

Elections and referendums – it seems everyone is at it and there’s little you can do to get away from it on the news. Well, if you can’t beat ‘em, why not join ‘em, I say!

Turning Point voting handsets are as easy as A, B, C

Turning Point voting handsets are as easy as A, B, C

One service we offer at R&B Group, that some of you folks may not be aware of, is voting systems or PowerPoint polling as some call it. Of course it’s not a new thing but we thought you might like a gentle reminder.

Let’s say you’re holding a conference or meeting where you’d like the opinion of the audience, sure you can have a show of hands, but that’s not exactly scientific, not does it give you an accurate answer! Our voting systems link right in to your PowerPoint presentation – you pose a question and your audience has the power to give you the answer there and then! No messing around!

The system use is called ‘Turning Point’ and one great thing about it is that you don’t need anything fancy to use it – just a PC and some free software installed on it. Of course our technicians can come along with their own laptop and your questions ready formatted, to make sure that your experience is seamless. We love it for it’s simplicity!

However many handsets you require we have loads to be able to deliver conferences and meetings of many sizes.

Importantly of course, it’s not that expensive either and if we’re already delivering your event production, it’s a simple ‘bolt-on’ that livens up your audience and makes them feel part of your presentation and event.

It’s a good learning tool too. We have clients who use this in their teaching workshops and lecture style seminars.

If you’d like some more info on this, just give us a call and one of our project managers will gladly provide you with a quote.