iPhone 7 – why the iPhone 6S could have been my final Apple purchase?


So Apple have finally reveled the new iPhone 7. As an loyal Apple fan, I watched as Tim Cook and his friends wax lyrical about the new features and updates on their live broadcast. The A10 processor, the all new camera, brighter screen and better battery (oh my we’d all love a better battery). But then it was confirmed… all our worst nightmares.

Ok, I’m one of the sad ones (as some call is). I’ll admit it. I’ve purchased the new iPhone, on release day, since the iPhone 3G. Its the one item I use most of the day, every day of my life, so I’ve always treated myself, year on year. But like many others I’m not happy with the iPhone 7 and my iPhone 6S could have been the last Apple purchase I made. Not just last iPhone, last Apple product. Here’s why…

In their infinite and arrogant wisdom, Apple have dropped the headphone socket from the iPhone 7. Yes, the headphone socket! Or in AV terms, the 3.5mm jack. One of the most used, trusted and positive connections that has been serving us perfectly well since the 1960s. This humble little jack plug has been a stalwart of the AV industry for years, and ironically it’s never been used so much! I can’t remember the the last time I used a CD, all music playback at events is done from a laptop/iPad/iPhone these days. Videos in a client’s presentation? Yup all the audio comes from a 3.5mm jack on one of our stock of Apple MacBook Pros. This this is so standard and wireless is still so unreliable, that I can foresee the humble 3.5mm jack plug being with us for another 20 years. Really!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for progress! I understood swapping the clunky 30 pin connection for the lightning charger. I embraced the demise of the CD-ROM when I bought my MacBook Air – which I love by the way. But losing the 3.5mm jack for headphones on an iPhone – NO! NO! NO! NO!

Apple’s alternative to this is to use the lightning connection to attach your headphones – the charging port at the bottom. Removing the 3.5mm jack and switching to this as a connection for headphones means (and these are good things) there’s more room for the better battery and its also splash and water resistant. Great! I can drop my phone in a pint of lager but I can’t listen to music, surf the web and actually charge the damn thing at the same time! Any heavy user of an iPhone will tell you that’s simply MADNESS!

But hang on! In October, of course, I can buy a pair of ridiculous looking wireless Apple Airpods for around £160.00 (another thing to charge). I’m a techie! I work in Audio visual! I want to chose my own headphones! Sound is important to me and I won’t have that dictated to me by Tim Cook. Why would I use a product that I will either loose when they fall out my ears – or worse still, have them stolen right out of my ears asleep on the train.

To be honest its the arrogance of it all – Apple have said this is a ‘brave’ step and it’s what we, the customer, wants – No! It’s neither of those things. It’s a ridiculous design flaw that will back fire.

I don’t think I’ll be buying the iPhone 7*. I don’t think the masses will be buying in the swathes they have done previously either. And I don’t like the decisions Tim Cook is making Apple. There’s no real exciting progress there anymore, like there was under Steve Jobs. I’m becoming a disenfranchised ‘Apple geek’ and this might be the last straw.

The world’s most popular smartphone and gadget just took a turn for the worse. Samsung must be rubbing their hands with delight.



(*I wholly reserve the right to change my mind without ridicule)