Please look at our Case Studies!

Please don’t forget to take a look at our case studies.  They don’t show up down here, but if you click here you will be taken straight to the section.


There are loads of great videos to see here too (click here) which we can always discuss.  Please remember that R&B Group is a full-service event production business and we are very much here to work on your demands.  Please give us a call at our head office on 1019 276 399, or send us an e-mail to to discuss any projects you have got in your mind – it makes sense to discuss them as soon as we can!

We are always looking for new aspect to feature us as we push ahead with our plans to become one of the leading suppliers of professional video footage in the region.

Our pricing isn’t as crazy as you might expect so why not get in touch and as for some guideline ideas.  it depends on how long we think it is likely to take and we will NOT be tempted to keep adding to the rate.  Once agreed, as long as we stay approximately on the same parameters, our price is fixed.  And we will let you know if you look like it may need to be looked at again – we do love to be 100% fair at all times!!