Current doing really well!

So today is the 14th September and all is well with Current.  So far everything seems to be working extremely well and the team are starting to use it for real.  It has been a complete treat getting it going so fast and everyone seems to be amazed by what it can do.

We are pushing the developers pretty hard to introduce some new functionality to the overall system.  For instance, the e-mail currently doesn’t link very well to Outlook but they have big plans to sort this in the next 3-4 weeks!  We understand that they didn’t think we’d use it as we want to, but after some discussion with our team they get our idea and will push along with the plan to make the entire system so much better.  We will let everyone know when this is implemented as it will make certain stuff work a lot better than it currently does.

The system website has a big green circle at the bottom of all pages which lets you start a fairly instant conversation with the developers / support staff who are on-line waiting for a call at all times.  The response has been amazing and we have been left with no uncertainty about the future plan for the system.  They are 100% committed to make things work and have demonstrated on several regular occasions that all is extremely well planned for.

R&B Group are fully behind the new facility and we will continue to use it as it becomes even more necessary as time floats by, keeping you all informed of what has changed recently.  Of course we will also keep you all updated with what you can now do to work with us to make it as good as it can possibly be, through blogs like this.  Enjoy!