5th Sept 2016 : Current goes live

Current logo

So, because today was the 5th September, we went live with Current, which will become our main rental system as we continue to progress.  The system is extremely well constructed and is much more written for AV companies like us to use.  It has lots and lots of features and makes lots of things work really well indeed.  Bryan Skipsey has worked hard with Current and has pushed the entire process along over the past few months and today is the day we actually switch off the old system and move over to using Current for all our ongoing bookings!

As time evolves the system will automatically become a vital element in what we actually do, and it works well being fully cloud based.  It means we can log-on from anywhere in the world with a decent internet connection and work remotely – from home, hotel or office – it really makes no difference!   It will also work well for anyone not based in our main office so should make life for people in some of our remote locations have a much better experience of the system.

Of course there will be some issues, but we believe that we have learnt what works well and where the issues are, and the overall level of support from the developers has been amazing.  We will keep this page updated as the system develops – we will clearly keep you all informed of what we need you guys to do to make it all work well for all of us!