Please look at our Case Studies!

Please don’t forget to take a look at our case studies.  They don’t show up down here, but if you click here you will be taken straight to the section. There are loads of great videos to see here too (click here) which we can always discuss.  Please remember that R&B Group is a full-service event […]

Bryan Skipsy
MEET TEAM R&B – Bryan Skipsey

  Featuring in this week’s Meet Team R&B is Bryan Skipsey. Bryan joined R&B Group many moons ago as a technician and has maneuvered his way around the company before sitting with our senior management team as Operations Manager as he does now. Recently Bryan has been instrumental in rolling out our new equipment management system ‘Current’ and is always striving to […]

Current screen
Current doing really well!

So today is the 14th September and all is well with Current.  So far everything seems to be working extremely well and the team are starting to use it for real.  It has been a complete treat getting it going so fast and everyone seems to be amazed by what it can do. We are pushing the […]

iPhone 7 – why the iPhone 6S could have been my final Apple purchase?

So Apple have finally reveled the new iPhone 7. As an loyal Apple fan, I watched as Tim Cook and his friends wax lyrical about the new features and updates on their live broadcast. The A10 processor, the all new camera, brighter screen and better battery (oh my we’d all love a better battery). But […]

Gavin Frost
MEET TEAM R&B – Gavin Frost

  Next in line for our Meet Team R&B feature is Yorkshire Branch Manager, Gavin Frost. Gavin joined R&B Group as a technician at our head office, before grafting his way though manager of our Harrogate based Yorkshire operation. His training as a stage manager in theatre meant he felt right at home at R&B Group […]

Current logo
5th Sept 2016 : Current goes live

So, because today was the 5th September, we went live with Current, which will become our main rental system as we continue to progress.  The system is extremely well constructed and is much more written for AV companies like us to use.  It has lots and lots of features and makes lots of things work […]