Way to go, team!


We’re a flexible and resilient lot at R&B Group! Traditionally this time of year is busy, busy, busy – and there’s no break in tradition this year that we can see. We’ve been clocking up a lot of miles of late. Birmingham, Manchester, Sheffield, Leicester, London… it goes on!

Others in the events industry will know, when you’re this busy you have to rely on a trusted team of folks that always pull though, we’re lucky at R&B that we have those folks in house, but sometimes when you’ve a lot to get through, you need to call on your special friends too. This is where we’re really lucky again!

Happy families!

Happy families!

At R&B we don’t just enlist any old pair of hands to help out, oh no! Our hand selected, trusted and super-skilled ‘extended team’ of staff are worth their weight in gold! And I’ve seen what these engineers eat, it would be a lot of gold believe me!

Some of our extended team – or more extended family – come back to work with us time and time again, to the point where our regular clients can’t differ between this part of our staff and our fully permanent engineers. And that’s the point I’m making here, technicians, engineers (whether fulltime or part of the extended family) are vetted and assessed before they’re unleashed on our events. They’re taught ‘the R&B way’ because we’re just not fans of any other way! And only when they have our seal of approval do they operate our events.

In fact some of our extended team will only operate the R&B way when not working with us! It’s nice to know we do some things properly. I love picking up little snippets from the crews if there’s someone new with us on trial;

“You’ll have to install your cables tidier than that, they don’t like untidy cables” – the R&B way!

“I know it’s a hassle, but I would be so much better to spend an extra ten minutes on this to make it right” – the R&B way!

and my favourite quote from one of the extended team…

“You guys do this so much better than the other lot” – yes, we do! It the R&B way!

But there is a point to us gloating about our hand-selected, brilliantly curated, trusted and flexible workforce. We just want to say – during and not after these crazy hours and hard work – THANKS!

Thanks for helping to maintain and enhance the highest level of service and skill we demand to deliver our events the R&B way! You guys are AWESOME!