People came …

to look at our projection mapped cake!

Projection mapped cake image

Projection mapped cake image

It was a whole load of fun at an event which we attended with Newcastle Gateshead Initiave a few months ago.  The event, Confex 2016, was held at London Olympia this year.  We decided to exhibit with NGI as one of their stand partners which was a great decision.

Projection mapping display on edible chocolate cake in a self-contained booth for exhibitions

R&B Group developed a compact self-contained solution to help demonstrate projection mapping whilst sharing good practice with event professionals and students in a fun environment.

The display needed to be quirky and encourage visitors to get close and personal. A large edible chocolate cake was used as the mapped object.

The projector could not block the projection path obscuring viewing and specialist reflection-first mirrors were required as standard mirrors generate ghosting effects where the glass front and mirrors back reflects light. Several projectors, lens, positions and mirrors sizes were compared to achieve best results for the small foot-print.

Virtual models were replicated using Cinema 4D testing projector/lens properties, various position points and mirror sizes.

To help create animated content in advance, the self-contained booth and cake were created as 3D virtual models and the cake only baked, sculpted and decorated at the ninth hour to ensure freshness. This virtual simulation ensured we tested the media and also helped engineer the cake structure.

R&B is accustomed to using larger ‘Green Hippo’ media servers but with limited power supply and space a rethink was required! Linking MadMapper to Millumin for timeline control allowed playing of 30 layers of HD video simultaneously on one Macbook. We were unable to test projector, booth, cake and content together until the night before when the booth was installed on the exhibition stand. MadMapper allowed us to create all layers and masks incredibly quickly.

We really enjoyed out trip to London and the whole event was an amazing sucess for everyone involved.  We look forward to discussing these options as we progress throughout the next couple of years!