This is the real Euro question!

So the Euros are upon us. A fiesta of the beautiful game where the emotions of a whole nation suffers great highs and, most probably, cataclysmic lows. But of all the questions on the lips of this country’s football fans, there is one that is more important than any other: is the boss going to give us a couple of hours off to watch England v Wales on Thursday?

Score prediction?

One thing I do know is that at this point on Thursday I’ll be either in the midst of rehearsal for an awards event or delaying it so we can all watch this spicy encounter with the bragging rights of a nation at stake.

It’s quite lucky that I do what I do for a living. I’ve a plethora of AV kit, screens and projectors at my fingertips, so setting up facilities to watch is not an issue. But you may not be in that position.

These events don’t come round all that often, so if you’re the type of boss who foresees the sickies that will be pulled, the business’s internet slower than a week in jail, as everyone slyly steams it at their work station, then you’re probably going to be kind and allow the staff to watch. After all it’s good for moral too, no?

The great news is, R&B can help out with a shiny screen to watch it on. From 32 inch to 20 foot wide, we can have you covered and keep everyone happy. Give us a call and we’ll pop round to your office, install and set it all up. We can’t guarantee goals however, that’s Roy and Chris’s job.

Football shirts are optional.