Extra! Extra! Let’s step up a (Top) Gear!


Like many people, I sat down to watch the new series of Top Gear this week. I’m no petrol-head, the list of cars that I’ve owned wouldn’t impress anyone, let alone Chris Evens or Matt Le Blanc, but I like the show. I had mixed thoughts on the show. Some bits I liked, some bits I thought were too much like the old show – not fresh enough. But this isn’t a review of Top Gear, I’ll get to the point.

At the end of the show they trailed a new show called ‘Extra Gear’ – an online only half hour show available via BBC iPlayer. I was already slumped on the sofa, so I went ‘on demand’ and launched my LED Smart TV into action.

BBC Extra Gear

Then, as I watched, a thought went through my head. No, not about my dinner or another beer, or about how unfit it am, I thought there’s loads of these shows now – an ‘extra’ programme – there’s Strictly, X Factor, The Apprentice, the list goes on. And this thought lead developed…

Why don’t we do this in events? What if, after a conference, where you’ve maybe seen a high profile keynote, there was some special online content. A fifteen minute exclusive interview with some juicy gossip or a specially recorded seminar with a key industry professional, but all revealed online only after the event. A ‘conference extra’ programme, if you like.

Lots of conferences have a highlights package or recordings of key speeches from the event online, but I’m not aware of any that have exclusive, unseen online content afterwards. Maybe this could be trailed at the end of the conference or mentioned in the conference brochure? Conference ‘catch-up’ with ‘extras’!

My thoughts are that not only would this drive more traffic to the conference or your company website, but while people are there they could register for the next event or see what other events are also available to them. Maybe engage them in chat on a forum, keeping engaged with your website.

It’s amazing the ideas I have slumped in front of the TV. I must do it more often!