Watch – Out!

I get asked about the pitfalls of event management and event production by many people – more often than you’d think. Not for juicy gossip, more because they are simply very keen to avoid them, the pitfalls that is. Folks don’t always see things from the perspective of an AV company and the practicalities that we confront.

So I’m going to tell you about one of the biggest pitfalls, one that not only will cost you money, but could pile on the pressure too!



Yes that’s it. Time. Easy enough to say but it’s true. Time really is money.

From the perspective of a project manager at an event production company, I can’t tell you how many venue visits I’ve attended, where a conversation has gone a little like this…

ME: “So what time has been allocated for us to install this equipment?”

THEM: “Erm, we you can have access from 8am”

ME: “The event starts at 9am, no?”

THEM: “That’s right – is that enough time for you?”

ME: “It will take thirty minutes just to unload our vans into a lift and then get the equipment in the room! Let alone set it up”

There would then usually be a debate about paying extra to get in early or the evening before. Or me having to allocate extra crews to make sure the set up is installed in time – again this is going to cost extra.

But this could all have been avoided if the event planner had taken the time – that word again – to check this particular pitfall before they signed the contract. Take time to negotiate the amount of time you need before signing – if they’re keen to get your business, you may get it for free or reduced! And to find that out how much time it will take for us to get you up and running, just give us a call! Our vastly experienced project managers can usually guesstimate this for you.

And don’t forget it’s the same for taking it all down… it takes time, so make sure there’s nothing coming into the venue at 5pm when you finish at 4:30pm. You’d think the venue would spot this, I know many times they haven’t.

Take time out folks! It will save you cold hard cash in the long run!