It’s clear to see in front of you…

Ever dropped your script and had to piece the un-numbered pages together? In the middle of a presentation? Nightmare-ish scenario isn’t it?

Well, you may or may not know that one of the many bolt-on services we can offer to our clients at R&B produced events is Autocue – more and more of our clients are using this, especially for awards ceremonies and keynote speeches.

So I’m going to assume you know absolutely nothing about how Autocue works, of even what it is, but it’s quite simple tech, however it needs to be controlled by experienced operators. And of course at R&B Group we offer expertise as standard.

Autocue in situ.

Autocue in situ.

You’ve seen Autocue on the TV and maybe never really noticed it – those thin sheets of glass on slim poles, either side of a lectern at one of the Party Political Conferences or the like? Yes – that’s Autocue!

At the bottom of the adjustable height poles is a small LCD screen and as you look at the glass the script can be seen right in front of you, reflected (the correct way round, of course) from what’s on the screen.

The Autocue operator has the script on a computer and very smoothly ‘scrolls’ through the words, line-by-line as you’re reading it, but crucially facing and looking directly at your audience, not down at a lectern. It makes no different how fast you speak or how slow you speak, Autocue operators are skilled folk and they will follow you seamlessly.

But it’s not just for TV. It really is something to think about for that nervous CEO speech or for a host you want to keep on message – it’s a great bolt-on to your event and considering the price of getting your message across seamlessly, this expertise needn’t be expensive either.

If it’s something you’d like to consider for your event, ask your dedicated project manager about this and mention you read it on the R&B Group blog – they’ll be happy to explain further and give you a quote.

Keep ’em talking!