R&B Group win again!

Some great news!  We are delighted to announce that we have been re-contracted by RICS for the delivery of their full season of awards shows around the country.  It involves trips to the following locations for our crew, including Edinburgh, Belfast, London and Birmingham.

RICS Awards 2012

RICS Awards 2012 – North East


We expect to be travelling up and down the country quite a bit during this time, although the schedule is better than last time we did the project (back in 2013), as there are no days when we have to travel, set-up, operate, de-rig, and travel to next gig!  They were killer days!

This year we have been asked to provide for the sets, including projection with PA and lighting, as required by the venue.  With all dates cleverly arranged to make it “doable” by a single crew, we cant wait to get back into the chair and go and deliver these great events!