Help us to support kids in South Africa

I have just been given the great news that I am one of ten students selected to take part in a once in a lifetime experience to join the support team at Nokuphila School in South Africa.

Emmanuel College Students
Emmanuel College Students

As part of the support team, my role is to volunteer my services each day teaching and entertaining the children, helping out over a two week period. This will be an amazing opportunity for us all and I can’t wait to meet the children and learn more about their culture.

How can you help? We have been given just four months to achieve the fundraising target set by the college. Each student must raise £600 through various activities.

I’m organising a race night in April and wondered if you’d be willing to sponsor a horse at just £2.50 a go? You get to give your horse a name (no rude ones!)and if it happens to win on the night, you will get a prize!

If you have any contacts with local businesses, venues, museums or shops that may be able to donate to a raffle I’m holding, your help with that would be fab.

Please help me to make a difference! Any donation you can offer to help me on my fundraising mission would be greatly appreciated.

Further info…

In January 2010, Nokuphila School opened its doors to 45 pre-schoolers aged four and five years old drawn from informal settlements on the western border of Tembisa. The school, which promotes Christian teaching and values, provides many services to the children, giving them an opportunity not available to many. The school provides quality pre-school education, after-care facilities, transport to and from school, along with breakfast, lunch and extra curricula activities.

It currently accommodates around 200 vulnerable children with a plan to grow into both a primary and secondary school.

The Emmanuel College community has recently raised £45,000 and our fundraising continues.

Please call us on 0191 276 3999 to find out how to support us.