Colour My Mood

Recently I traveled to Singapore on the very impressive Airbus A380 with Emirates and being a techie at heart, I couldn’t help but be impressed with the engineering of these flying metal birds. It’s not just the enormity of the aircraft that impressed me however; it was the little touches too, little touches that were carefully thought out.


Inside the cabin of the Airbus A380

Now, I didn’t travel business class, so I can’t comment for the experience of those living it up and knocking back champagne ‘upstairs’, but travelling coach wasn’t so bad. One thing in particular that impressed was the lighting on-board. It’s not just fluorescent lighting that the majority of us will have experienced on many short haul flights. This is colour changing, LED mood-lighting that changed hew and tone from set the mood and feel of the cabin.

The colours changed very subtly over time, from boarding to drinks, meals, dimming for chilling and sleep then raising for waking and landing. The difference in the lighting really did influence how you felt and I couldn’t help but think would this work on an event? Could the subtle changing of lighting during a keynote speech at a conference influence the audience mood?

It would be a great experiment to change the lighting as certain key points are made in an important speech – could it make the audience sympathise with a point of discussion or keep them from drifting after lunch? Would more vibrant lighting emphasize a point? And then I thought who would try this? Well, I’d love to! It could get an event off to a flying start!