Another New Year!

Well here we are again, well into 2016. And what a start it has already been, with projects coming out of our ears!  In fact, here are some images from an event we organised at Hoults Yard last year – it was s fundraiser for the Northern Brainwave appeal which raised an amazing £3,800 in total, after all costs were repaid!  An amazing event which the charity were delighted about.

Northern Brain Wave Charity Event

Pam and Peter during Pam's speech! 500px wideNorthern Brain Wave Charity Event – Oct 2015

To start with we have some really exciting fun events around the country, including filming for all North East Business Awards entries. That’s around 100 companies across 3 regions, with loads of fun waiting to be had by the video team! All to be revealed at the events in February and March this year – it’s an event that we have grown up with and always sits as a highlight on our annual calendar.

Then we have a number of events for a long-standing client, Education Live, who produce exciting events for teenage students throughout the country. We provide cost-effective projection and camera solutions for these extremely well-attended, innovative events and are always interested to know what they have coming up!

After that we also have several Royal College of Nursing, Northern Housing Consortium and, of-course, plenty of one off projects for clients such as Sage Gateshead, ncjMedia and Touch Associates.

Last year at this time we were working on an exciting project that was about to head out to Monte Carlo for a week, for a newish client called Touch Associates. They were contracted by a third party to produce their staff conference, at one of the Grand Prix hotels; The Fairmount, Monte Carlo! A great experience with lots of new tricks into the bargain!

Touch Associates event in Monte Carlo

Touch Associates event in Monte Carlo – Feb 2015


We’d love to hear from you if you have a live project to organise over the next few weeks and months. Please give us a call on 0191 276 3999 and ask to speak to one of the Projects Team! We are waiting to hear from you whenever you are ready!