Night Fever!

Shine a light! These dark winter evenings are miserable aren’t they?

Well, theyBOTN don’t have to be! In fact you could use them to your advantage. Dark winter evenings are perfect to add a little addition to your event.

When adoring an event with all the trimmings of set dressing, table centres, chair covers, the list goes on… it’s easy to forget the space outside the building. The front of your venue can be a blank canvas for light – and in shining a light, you can have your event logo splashed across the front of the whole building, now that really is maximising your brand! It’s not expensive either! One simple lighting fixture can be used to achieve this.

What we do is have your brand digitally set into glass or gut from steel on what we call a ‘gobo’ (these can be used many times after that, so it’s also a great investment), one of our sparky-techie-types pops this gobo into a lighting fixture and after a bit of tweaking – BOOM!

Northern Brain Wave Charity Event

Northern Brain Wave Charity Event

How simple is that? And what an impact for your guests arriving! They’ll certainly know they’re at the correct venue. That’s why we love the dark winter evenings, in fact not just winter, if your guests arrive from say 7pm, you can do this from September through to March.

Isn’t that a brilliant idea? – literally!