Would you use Twitter?  Love it or hate it, it is here to stay.  So we say learn to love it, or at least “live” with it!! If you are on the web reading this (and to be honest you’d have to be!) then you must know all about it.  Twitter is an online social […]

Award for Sustained Excllence in Events 3

  It’s always great to be recognised for what you do. We know this because we’ve seen first-hand the reaction on winner’s faces at the hundreds, perhaps thousands of awards ceremonies we staged over the 20-odd years we’ve been in business. Celebrating success is important, though individuals can be quite modest and shy – some […]

Night Fever!

Shine a light! These dark winter evenings are miserable aren’t they? Well, they don’t have to be! In fact you could use them to your advantage. Dark winter evenings are perfect to add a little addition to your event. When adoring an event with all the trimmings of set dressing, table centres, chair covers, the list […]

Northern Brain Wave Charity Event
Another New Year!

Well here we are again, well into 2016. And what a start it has already been, with projects coming out of our ears!  In fact, here are some images from an event we organised at Hoults Yard last year – it was s fundraiser for the Northern Brainwave appeal which raised an amazing £3,800 in total, after […]