What’s changed?

So Antony has come back to work!  It’s been a while since he was here, so what has changed?

When I left I knew I was going back to hospital, but had no idea how long I’d be in for.  The tumour had returned and needed more surgery, just as I had been planning on returning to work.  So frustrating!

Anyway, if you are interested in finding more about the surgery you should look at http://getwellantony.blogspot.co.uk.  However, as this is our corporate site, if you aren’t interested then read on instead!

The first thing I noticed was that we had new staff!  Yes, 3 off them, all shinny and new looking!  How exciting, and worth me getting to know them asap.  I went and shook hands firmly around the place and to see if they were ok, how they were getting on, and if there was anything they needed from me.  I made sure that they all got me for a quick blast, and to see if there was anything that I could do to help – of course they all declined!  But it was still good to see that new people had joined the team without me being involved.

The other thing I spotted was some great work being done by the entire workforce.  Of course, I had seen Barry, my Co-Director, a few times during my absence but it was still good to feel part of the team again.  Barry and the Senior Team had managed to recruit some great players, all of whom seemed extremely happy.  I was delighted, as once again, without my involvement, we had made some great progress.

And the third thing I spotted within a few minutes of being back, was that a new board had been put up on the wall.  It was divided into sections to show the progress of all individual graphics projects and was just starting to be used.  My daughter will be happy with that, as she is a part-time member of the graphics team, and will find it very useful I am sure.  So all good progress.

Of course, as I wander around the building I spot lots of other changes and speak to individuals about what the change means to them, who thought of the idea, who pushed ahead with it, etc.  I am massively buoyed by the fact that so many people seem to be thinking outside of the box, all of which bodes well for the future.  More competent staff come from adversity – it’s amazing what you discover when you are off for a while.

Welcome back!