Pitfall: (noun) a hidden or unsuspected danger or difficulty

pitfallsFor event managers there’s a lot to check off on your to-do lists. Venue, catering, sponsors, presenters, tickets, call R&B Group… the list seems endless. But it’s with the latter that you need to ensure you are in the hands of experts. A good AV supplier takes away your stress and an award winning AV supplier can make you look brilliant!

We thought it would help to highlight some pitfalls that we’ve encounted and most importantly help you put them right before ‘stress overload’ ensues!

Now, we’re not proposing that it’s your job as event manager to have the AV know-how, of course not, that’s our job. It’s really useful however to take an R&B project manager with you to the venue and check out its pros and cons, before you sign on the dotted line.

So what are these dreaded pitfalls?

Look up! The sky’s the limit! One common pitfall can often be highlighted as soon as your project manager walks into the room – ceiling height! So simple, but in our experience it can be over-looked. If your event is reliant on screen content, then it’s important for your audience to see the screen. A low ceiling height can cause problems, so get that big screen over people’s heads.

Have you got the power? Make sure you have. Check your venue contract, as more venues are beginning to charge for power. Perhaps not for charging your phone, but certainly for 3 phase power us technically minded need for AV production. It’s an expensive add-on if you’ve over looked this!

There are three essentials needed for humans to survive – sustenance, shelter and wifi!  Delegates need to interact so it must be robust and fast, don’t rely on venue specification, test it with a simple ‘speedtest’. Social media, voting and questions can drain bandwidth.

Make an entrance! We’ve visited venues where the goods lift is too small or staircases too narrow to get the required equipment through the doors! Get us to check this out! Modifications may be possible, but that often requires extra resource and you don’t want that coming off your bottom line.

Check how many people you can fit in the space with all the equipment and staging, don’t just take the venue’s number for granted, at R&B Group we use a computer CAD system to produce an accurate floor plans.

Finally, communication is key! Keep us in the loop – about everything – there’s often a knock on effect by changing one simple aspect of your event, good communication helps solve issues sooner rather than later.

So get us involved from the outset, it makes all our lives less stressful and helps us make you, the event manager look brilliant.