Industrial Spaces for Events…

We recently delivered a great event in an industrial-type space. Personally I love events in spaces like this and I don’t understand why people don’t use them more often for events.
The event we delivered was a launch event for a new industrial learning space, far from the normal place where you’d listen to a keynote presentation or enjoy a pre-event coffee and croissant.
Yes – hotel function spaces are warm, carpeted and have all the conference comforts you need, but they can be a bit dull.
A few years ago, I remember delivering a conference in a new factory space in Sheffield. It really didn’t take too much effort to sort, it was a blank canvas really, but the best thing about the space was that it didn’t feel like your run-of-the-mill conference.

Newcastle College Rail Academy
We made features of some of the machinery with some simple lighting, prettier than you’d imagine and very effectively as a backdrop to the stage space. We installed screens, projectors, PA; there were a few restrictions as to where things could be placed but us technical types enjoy the challenge.
Of course there may be challenges for catering or parking, all things that need to be carefully thought out – and don’t forget the loos, you don’t want to ruin your hard work with complains about the state of the factory loos. The end result though is not a stale conference space, far from it!
There can be other benefits too; if you own the space and there’s a bit of production down time then you can make savings there. It can be an opportunity for the predominantly office bound to see what’s on the shop floor and great opportunities for team building.
One’s thing for sure, you’ll have your delegates talking after the event and they’ll remember more than the content of the keynote speech! We’d love to help you get creative with spaces like this and our Project Managers are always on hand to advise – so get out your comfort zone, ditch the air-con and carpet and start a white hot events revolution!

Newcastle College Rail Academy