Why this year’s Oscars ceremony was one of the best to date

Many have agreed that this year’s Oscars ceremony was one of the most entertaining and thrilling to date, with more viewers tuning in across a wide variety of platforms than ever before. While those who were lucky and deserving enough to attend made it an enjoyable evening for fans, it was the event’s host and the organisation of the entire evening that made the Oscars such a success. Taking tips from just how successful the 2014 Golden Globes were, the organisers behind the Oscars decided to take a slightly more laid back approach this year, and it would seem that they had the right idea.


Ellen DeGeneres, who hosted the event, received constant praise throughout the night for her fantastic event hosting skills and is likely responsible for the record-breaking amount of attention the event received on both Facebook and Twitter. By interacting with her audience and leaving the stage to sit amongst them and host from their very seats while the Oscar recipients were on stage, she was able to permit the audience at home a closer glimpse at their favourite stars while also entertaining those who comprised the live audience. Her ‘selfie’ in which the likes of Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper and Brad Pitt appeared alongside the chat show host, received 1.5 million retweets as it was posted, breaking the record previously set by Barack Obama.


The success of this year’s Oscars is largely down to a different and more relaxed approach that allowed both the winners and the losers to enjoy a thoroughly entertaining evening. When planning your event, it is important to consider just how formal or informal it needs to be too, and how best to capture the audience’s attention. You want to keep them engaged and avoid encouraging them to switch off. Awards ceremonies can be long-winded, so it is important to consider how you might break the evening up and make sure everyone remains focused. If you would like help ensuring your event is a roaring success, get in touch with our team of event production experts today!