Prince William supports Save the Children event

This year, Brazil will play host to the 2014 FIFA World, kicking off in Sao Paulo on 12th June. Meanwhile, the Duke of Cambridge is hoping that another event will become just as popular. Aiming to raise awareness of children living on the streets in Brazil and all over the world, as well as giving them the opportunity to campaign for their rights, Street Children World Cup 2014 began in Rio de Janeiro and is supported by a number of famous faces.


The event has been created around football in an attempt to tie in with the globally popular football event this summer, and to tap into the following of a sport that is recognised around the world. Prince William, David Beckham and Archbishop Desmond Tutu all hope that the tournament will shine a spotlight on the 100 million children around the world who live on the streets and will provide them with the chance to be heard. If the link to the World Cup itself isn’t enough to help promote the charity event, then the well-known men who volunteered to be involved will undoubtedly draw further attention.


When organising an event, promotion is key to ensure it is talked about and attracts enough attention to guarantee success. If you are able to acquire the support of famous faces or even public figures that are known locally, you will increase the amount of attention your event receives. In order to ensure your event is one that supporters will want to become involved with, you’ll need to plan it carefully and organise an evening to remember.


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