Five reasons we love 3D projection mapping

3D Projection Mapping3D projection mapping is an event technology that involves the projection of images and video onto a static surface. Event production companies use it to create a highly memorable audiovisual experience for event guests, creating the illusion of movement in 3D while the object remains static. Projection mapping has been in use in the UK for around five years now, but in recent years the costs of projection mapping have decreased significantly, so that it’s no longer limited to use at grand, high budget public events. Here at R&B Group we’re experts in event technology, and that expertise includes 3D projection mapping. We’ve made plenty of event managers extremely happy in the past with our event technology expertise. Here are five reasons we love projection mapping – perhaps we might convince you to include it at your next event!


#1: Public or private events

3D projection mapping has been used in all kinds of events. At first it was mainly used for public events, where a projection is mapped onto a building or landmark. These building mapping shows use the structure of the building as part of the projection, and displays often include the illusion of deconstruction and reconstruction of buildings. These events are obviously reliant on complete darkness, making them one of the few outdoor events that’s best enjoyed in winter! 3D projection mapping is also suited to indoor, private, ticketed events, and as the technology has become more affordable, that’s where we’re starting to see it used more and more.


#2: Versatility

On a related note, the technology itself is so versatile that it can be adapted to suit any event, no matter what format, audience size, venue and budget you have available to you. Shorter or smaller displays are still impressive – and your audience might even prefer them to longer, more repetitive projections that hold up the progression of the event. Projections can be mapped onto practically any surface – you don’t necessarily need to hire a screen in addition to the projector.


#3: The wow factor

The main reason that 3D projection mapping has taken off is simply because it looks incredible. Take a look at some of the ways in which we’ve used the technology at various events that we’ve produced. At the Nissan Qashqai launch – despite only having a couple of weeks to prepare – we were able to put together an impressive projection, and our work at the North East Business Awards Grand Final won us two AV awards!


#4: Video production and free advertising

Impressive 3D projection mapping displays are perfect to record in full, or as part of a highlights reel for your event. Even people who’ve never heard of your company will still enjoy viewing the projection mapping display online – potentially bringing in new customers or clients. Furthermore, your event’s guests might want to record the event themselves. They might use Vine or Instagram to create microvideos of the display, and post them online while the event is still ongoing. This essentially amounts to free advertising for your event and your company!


#5: Cutting edge

By using projection mapping at your UK event, you’re showing your guests that you’re willing to explore and invest in the latest event technology trends. It implies that your company is innovative and forward thinking – and doesn’t rest on its laurels! If your company runs the same old event every year, perhaps it’s time to replace the dusty old podium with something fresh!


To discuss how 3D projection mapping can be used at your event, speak to a member of our show production team now!